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Donald Trump’s advisers just signed a christian manifesto which calls homosexuality sinful

I’d be more concerned if being his “advisors” seemed to anything more than a token commitment or carried any weight at all. On the other hand though, this is the one perspective he seems to listen to at all.

They’re talking about this Nashville Statement that’s been “issued” like it’s supposed to “mean something” to Americans, or the world or whatever. Mostly it’s a just a reaffirmation that people who are in this world, or touches this world are so terribly… what’s a polite synonym for mind fucked? This is really awful for anyone who is affected by it and their personhood is opposed to it. You will twist yourself up in knots to overcome your own self to fit in. 

This is a response to the Statement on twitter  by @maggsvisags that pretty much sums up what I experienced growing up in the Catholic Church. Oddly, I also thought to join the clergy (but for the abstinence thing) and I also though a lot about stepping off the curb and walking into traffic.

Also (from the article above):

submitting to her husband is a quality worth cultivating in a wife

  • Ew. I know what passage this comes from. This is Ephesians. I used to listen to this every year. It came right after my mom nudging me when they said “children obey your parents.” I started to lose my connection with a friend of mine who decided to become a fundamentalist Christian when he got married and decided to “live biblically” and this is what he meant.
  • Also some other passages from Ephesians:
  •  E5:3 As God’s people, you should not even talk about wrong living, any kind of wrong sex or wanting things you cannot have.
  • E5:5 You know this. There are people who use sex wrongly, and who are always wanting what others have. No such a person has any place in the kingdom of Christ and of God. He is worshipping an idol.
  • E5:6-7 6 Do not let anyone fool you by their empty talk. It is because people do these wrong things that God is very angry. He is angry with the people who do not obey him. 7 So then, have nothing to do with them.
  • E5:18 Do not get drunk with wine. That is living in a wrong way. But be filled with the Spirit.
  • E5:22-24 22 Wives, obey your husbands as you obey the Lord. 23 The husband is the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church people. The church is his body and he saved it. 24 Wives should obey their husbands in everything, just as the church people obey Christ.
  • This whole thing is really only addressed to men, women are secondary. E5:33 However, each one of you should love his wife as he loves himself. And the wife should respect her husband.
  • This could be explained away as having a “more modern context now” like your job or something: E6:4 4 Servants, obey your boss. Respect him with all your heart and try to please him as you would Christ.
  • But “servant?” Let’s read a little further: E6:7 You know that the Lord will pay every man for the good things he does. It does not matter if he is a servant or a free man. 
  • Just in case you were mistaken that these were real people the Nashville thingy was warning us all about, and in case you didn’t know how to respond: E6:11 We are not fighting against people of flesh and blood. But we are fighting against rulers and powers whom we cannot see. We are fighting against those who control the darkness of this world, and against bad spirits who have power in the air.
  • E4:17-19 17 Here then is what the Lord has told me to say. You must not live like the people who do not believe in God. They do not think clearly. 18 Their minds are dark. They are far away from God’s life because they do not know the truth. They have no love in their hearts. 19 Nothing makes them ashamed anymore. They live a very bad life. They do every kind of wrong thing. And they always want to do it more.
  • Basically the fundamentalist Christian worldview: E6:19 I am in prison with chains on because I speak the good news about Jesus Christ. Ask God to help me to tell the good news without fear as I should tell it.
  • E2:3-5 3 At one time we too all lived like them. We lived to please ourselves. We did what our bodies and our minds wanted us to do. We were people with whom God was angry, just like other people. 4 But God was very, very kind. He loved us very, very much. 5 We were dead because of the wrong things we had done. He has made us alive with Christ. You have been saved by his love and kindness.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

  • The Council on Biblical Slave/Master Relationships
  • The Council on Biblical Demon Defense
  • The Council on Biblical Judicial Systems
  • The Council on Biblical Medicine

as a “Christian manifesto” on human sexuality, it speaks with forthright clarity, biblical conviction, gospel compassion, cultural relevance, and practical helpfulness. It will prove to be, I believe, enormously helpful for thousands of pastors and leaders hoping to give wise, biblical, and gracious guidance to their people.

  • Practical helpfulness. Helpfulness. Practical. Clarity. …Gracious. Wise.

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